The June Wayne House by Alvin Lustig (1949-1950)

Today, Alvin Lustig is remembered primarily as a graphic designer. But in the 1940s and 1950s—the peak of his productivity and creativity—his main ambition was to break down the boundaries between two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. He created furniture, lighting fixtures, interiors, signage, a pair of hotels, and even a helicopter.

He also designed a house—the one pictured above, in the Hollywood Hills, for the artist June Wayne

For 60 years, only one picture of the Wayne House has been known to exist: a black and white image taken by Julius Shulman

But as I was wandering around Flickr last night, I stumbled upon a batch of slide scans that had just been uploaded by Doug Dupin earlier that day. And among them were these images: never-before-seen photographs of the Wayne House. In color. From when it was newly built.

An amazing find. 

Doug is in the process of uploading hundreds of other images of California midcentury modernist architecture from a personal collection that he recently rescued. More to come on those photos—and on Lustig’s residential architecture.